12Remi Elie (total) click to view the entire list for Remi ElieLW67293968-13481001.010.72
 27Cameron Brace (total) click to view the entire list for Cameron BraceC55312556-448911.020.87
 13Stephen Harper (total) click to view the entire list for Stephen HarperC64133548+437310.750.58
 14Jordan SubbanD66123042-1163100.640.95
 10Jake MarchmentC57102232+453000.560.93
 25Scott SimmondsLW63102030-2242300.480.67
Not active on this team24Garrett HooeyC29161127-128610.930.97
*28David TomasekC58131427-188600.470.14
 8Aaron BerishaRW67121527-248400.400.12
Not active on this team16Brendan GaunceC22101626-527211.181.23
 23Niki PettiC59121123-2017200.390.29
 11Michael CramarossaLW6671017-2124000.260.36
 18Chad HeffernanLW5310616-894000.301.77
 24Alex Yuill (total) click to view the entire list for Alex YuillD6731316-224000.240.36
*5Justin LemckeD5021315-739100.300.78
Not active on this team17Luke CairnsLW196814-76300.740.32
 6Jake WorradD415914-826200.340.63
*4Justin BeanD4411011-1012000.250.27
*7Andrew MingLW54448-1218000.150.33
*19Adam LaishramC49257-98000.140.16
*26Jake BricknellRW55246-1662000.111.13
 9Adam BignellD63066-3186000.101.37
 22Mark Raycroft (total) click to view the entire list for Mark RaycroftD51415-2516100.100.31
Not active on this team22Brady AustinD7145+26000.710.86
 2Brody MorrisD44022-1029000.050.66
Not active on this team27Daniel De SousaD4011-26000.251.50
Not active on this team33Jason Da SilvaG1201100000.080.00
*29Maurizio ColellaLW23011-44000.040.17
 34Braydon BanitsiotisG400000000.000.00
 33Michael Giugovaz (total) click to view the entire list for Michael GiugovazG3000002000.000.07
 31Charlie GrahamG5300002000.000.04
* indicates Rookie
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  Thursday September 24
PBO 7:05
SAG 7:05
WSR 7:05
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