28Connor BrownRW684583128+44222041.880.32
 74Dane FoxLW676443107+461221811.601.82
 97Connor McDavidC56287199+4720721.770.36
 95Andre BurakovskyLW57414687+46351501.530.61
 14Brendan Gaunce (total) click to view the entire list for Brendan GaunceC65314172+25591031.110.91
 77Michael CurtisLW68282856+3748230.820.71
 27Adam PelechD60104555+5246210.920.77
*19Dylan StromeC60102939+1711200.650.18
 9Spencer AbrahamD6882735+2924710.510.35
*44Travis DermottD6732528+3545100.420.67
 23Kurtis MacDermid (total) click to view the entire list for Kurtis MacDermidD6771320+23165200.302.46
 57Troy DonnayD6721719+4092010.281.37
 7Jake EvansC5711718+1353000.320.93
 29Nick BetzRW6651318+1360000.270.91
Not active on this team10Stephen HarperLW2241014+619110.640.86
 8Joel WigleRW416713+169000.321.68
 24Darren RaddyshD6031013+2627100.220.45
 15Kyle PettitC535510+324010.190.45
Not active on this team11Hayden HodgsonRW34459-545000.261.32
 37Travis WoodLW30369+48000.300.27
 6Patrick MurphyRW36527+40000.190.00
*26Quentin MaksimovichC33213-317000.090.52
 3Cory GenoveseD58033+1491000.051.57
 31Devin WilliamsG3102208000.060.26
 5Justin FelkerD24011-56000.040.25
*91Cole MayoD200000000.000.00
 38Oscar DanskG4200008000.000.19
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Friday October 24
BAR 5 4 KGN Final
NB 6 2 NIA Final
MISS 0 5 PLY Final
BELV 4 3 SAR End of Game SO
ERIE 6 4 SSM Final
WSR 2 5 GUE Final
OS 4 3 KIT Final SO
OTT 2 5 LDN Final
PBO 6 4 SBY Final
SAG 5 8 OSH Final
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