93Sam BennettC57365591+341181011.602.07
 23Henri IkonenLW54254570+1749731.300.91
 96Spencer WatsonRW65333568+3116501.050.25
 22Darcy GreenawayC67352762+1240900.930.60
 4Michael MoffatD6464551+1877400.801.20
 21Samuel SchuttRW64261844+2542830.690.66
 20Roland McKeownD62113243+3861310.690.98
 2Evan McEneny (total) click to view the entire list for Evan McEnenyD6173542+378600.691.28
 17Ryan KujawinskiC45231841+339800.910.87
 92Corey PawleyLW56122739+1825400.700.45
 18Robert PoleselloLW48182038-920400.790.42
 67Lawson CrouseLW63151227+1064300.431.02
 24Slater DoggettLW6572027+1351100.420.78
 9Ryan Verbeek (total) click to view the entire list for Ryan VerbeekLW43121224+129200.560.67
 77Warren SteeleD6541822-842100.340.65
 81Conor McGlynnC6812820-1377020.291.13
 5Mikko VainonenD5741418+773100.321.28
Not active on this team26Sam PovoroznioukLW2461117022100.710.92
 14Loren UlettRW543811+1168000.201.26
 80Mack Lemmon (total) click to view the entire list for Mack LemmonRW58448-22126000.142.17
*55Matthew WatsonD30257+213000.230.43
Not active on this team10Billy JenkinsLW12167+34000.580.33
Not active on this team65Dylan DiPernaD20123+114000.150.70
 11Ted NicholD6022+20000.330.00
 13Ryan HutchinsonD16022+327000.121.69
 40Lucas PeressiniG2502200000.080.00
 37Matt MahalakG5102200000.040.00
Not active on this team27Jean DupuyRW310105000.331.67
 7John Bowen (total) click to view the entire list for John BowenD9000-14000.000.44
* indicates Rookie
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  Tuesday March 3
PLY 4 0 SAG Final
OS 7:00
SBY 7:00
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