23Barclay GoodrowRW63333467+18641071.061.02
 10Vincent PraplanLW61193453+1516600.870.26
 21Nick PaulC67262046+1239400.690.58
 25Ben Thomson (total) click to view the entire list for Ben  ThomsonLW55271845+1590620.821.64
 24Matt MacLeodRW63152439+1942100.620.67
 18Mike AmadioC64122638+1514300.590.22
 22Brenden MillerD6382432+1497600.511.54
 19Zach Bratina (total) click to view the entire list for Zach BratinaLW58121830+875100.521.29
 6Dylan BlujusD5542630+1356100.551.02
 16Alex HenrikssonRW68111728-747100.410.69
 20Jamie LewisC6781725+840010.370.60
 4Marcus McIvorD6822224+3044010.350.65
*12Brett McKenzieC63131023025000.370.40
 26Mathew SantosRW636814+548000.220.76
 7Miles Liberati (total) click to view the entire list for Miles  LiberatiD659413037200.200.57
 15Connor JarvisLW524913+218000.250.35
 17Jared SteegeC485712+516000.250.33
*3Kyle WoodD3321012+1521200.360.64
Not active on this team9Brandon RobinsonLW15404-98300.270.53
 27Steven DudaD23134012000.170.52
*8Riley BruceD57044-1839000.070.68
Not active on this team19Blake ClarkeLW21123-28000.140.38
Not active on this team2Mark RaycroftD920204100.220.44
 30Brendan O'NeillG3302200000.060.00
 11Mike BairdRW28011-927000.040.96
 2Kyle Locke (total) click to view the entire list for Kyle  LockeD40011+1054000.031.35
*35Evan CormierG300000000.000.00
*5Shawn TessierD7000-22000.000.29
 25Jayme ForslundD9000+14000.000.44
 28Calvin GomesRW12000+12000.000.17
 1Jake SmithG4200002000.000.05
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Thursday October 15
NIA 7:00
NB 7:00
PBO 7:05
WSR 7:05
BAR 7:30
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