66Josh Ho-SangRW67325385+2644811.270.66
 97Brady VailC67325183+2939321.240.58
 12Ben JohnsonLW59282553+1830520.900.51
 65Slater KoekkoekD62153853+4451920.850.82
 73Remy GiftopoulosC61242448-31041000.791.70
 22Sam Povorozniouk (total) click to view the entire list for Sam PovoroznioukRW64182543-556520.670.88
Not active on this team16Kerby RychelLW27162339+1315501.440.56
 19Ryan FossC58131932+710200.550.17
 21Brody Milne (total) click to view the entire list for Brody MilneLW68171330+139000.440.57
 17Steven JanesLW60121830+458110.500.97
 8Trevor MurphyD5182129+1657200.571.12
 27Eric Diodati (total) click to view the entire list for Eric DiodatiD6772229+870100.431.04
*96Cristiano DiGiacintoLW50171128+8101200.562.02
*11Nikita YazkovLW6661521-525000.320.38
Not active on this team22Nick EbertD2741620+2718200.740.67
*40Ryan MooreC655510-1033100.150.51
 44Adam BatemanD43178-520000.190.47
 2Patrick SanvidoD64178-2182100.121.28
Not active on this team81Ryan VerbeekLW15257+26000.470.40
 79Ty BilckeRW66145-3103000.081.56
 24Graeme BrownLD53044-535000.080.66
 39Alex Fotinos (total) click to view the entire list for Alex FotinosG3803300000.080.00
*26Chris CobhamLW40101-523000.030.57
*20Andrew BurnsD7011-40000.140.00
 30Dalen KuchmeyG3601100000.030.00
 25Brad CarrollD100000000.000.00
*35Brendan JohnstonG100000000.000.00
Not active on this team7John BowenD3000-12000.000.67
*91Aaron LuchukC300000000.000.00
Not active on this team80Jordan DeKortG700000000.000.00
*25Anthony KotsovosD9000+16000.000.67
*3Liam MurrayD19000+211000.000.58
*7Cameron HughesLW34000-414000.000.41
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Tuesday March 31
NB 3 1 KGN Final
LDN 10 6 KIT Final
GUE 2 1 OS Final
OSH 1 3 PBO Final
ERIE 4 3 SAR Final OT
SSM 4 0 SAG Final
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