16Max DomiLW61345993+24901131.521.48
 71Chris TierneyC67404989+4412741.330.18
 14Gemel Smith (total) click to view the entire list for Gemel SmithLW69373875-1471521.090.68
 53Bo HorvatC54304474+2036911.370.67
 64Ryan RupertC68215273+3654201.070.79
 46Matt RupertLW53333467+2969811.261.30
*93Mitchell MarnerC64134659+3824000.920.38
 27Brett WelychkaRW68223456+2129500.820.43
 77Josh AndersonRW59272552+31811130.881.37
 52Alex BassoD63103040+1361700.630.97
 24Michael McCarronRW66142034+11120100.521.82
 57Brady Austin (total) click to view the entire list for Brady AustinD6792433+5142400.490.63
 65Nikita ZadorovD36111930+3043510.831.19
 44Dakota MermisD6652025+4076020.381.15
Not active on this team91Kyle PlatzerC399817-414300.440.36
 7Zach BellD4031417+2953000.421.32
*11Owen MacDonaldRW477714+331010.300.66
*10Christian DvorakLW336814+80110.420.00
*21Chandler YakimowiczC33347+1145000.211.36
 55Tim BenderD45257+1516000.160.36
Not active on this team88Santino CentorameD33235+522000.150.67
*74Aiden JamiesonD24055+34000.210.17
Not active on this team4Miles LiberatiD22134+518000.180.82
 26Tait SeguinLW38134046000.111.21
Not active on this team81Remi ElieLW6123-14000.500.67
Not active on this team95Jacob JammesLW8033+42000.380.25
 43Anthony StolarzG3502204000.060.11
 35Jake PattersonG3902202000.050.05
Not active on this team51Paxton LerouxLW13101-332000.082.46
*20Cam GarrowD1000-20000.000.00
 12Spencer HutchinsonRW100000000.000.00
*95Mitchell KreisD1000+20000.000.00
*81John WarrenLW100000000.000.00
Not active on this team1Liam HerbstG200000000.000.00
 1Justin TugwellG200000000.000.00
*81Zach GrzelewskiLW300000000.000.00
Not active on this team7Owen StewartD300002000.000.67
*12Josh DefariasD7000-10000.000.00
*18Tristen ElieLW11000-30000.000.00
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Saturday October 25
BELV 1 5 LDN Final
ERIE 8 1 SBY Final
KIT 5 3 PLY Final
OTT 6 1 SAR Final
MISS 4 5 WSR Final OT
PBO 2 4 SSM Final
NB 4 3 BAR Final
GUE 2 3 OS Final SO
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