22Andreas AthanasiouLW66494695+24521141.440.79
 28Zach HallLW56165470-348601.250.86
 21Brendan LemieuxLW65272653-51451000.822.23
 5Aaron EkbladD58233053+9911610.911.57
 23Mitchell TheoretC52173552+620611.000.38
*26Andrew MangiapaneLW68242751+1928110.750.41
 9Joseph Blandisi (total) click to view the entire list for Joseph BlandisiC47242650-1773951.061.55
 25Garrett Hooey (total) click to view the entire list for Garrett  HooeyC67252449-362810.730.93
 13Tyson FawcettC68262248-1138820.710.56
 4Jake DotchinD63112536+20121620.571.92
 12Kevin LabancLW65112435+330300.540.46
Not active on this team18Erik BradfordC39101626+418100.670.46
 3Jonathan LaserD6132023+3190000.381.48
 17Justin ScottRW6171320+829000.330.48
*15Matthew KreisLW5731619+210100.330.18
 24Michael WebsterD6531417+551100.260.78
*27Cordell JamesC665813+1022000.200.33
Not active on this team9Dylan CorsonC3231013+924000.410.75
 7Mac Clutsam (total) click to view the entire list for Mac  ClutsamD571910+1018000.180.32
 8C.J. GarciaD52189+227000.170.52
Not active on this team11Josh MacDonaldLW14358+210000.570.71
 2Liam MaaskantD51358+353000.161.04
Not active on this team7Alex YuillD30246+716000.200.53
*11Nick Pastorious (total) click to view the entire list for Nick PastoriousRW36325+146000.141.28
*6Josh CarrickD31033+526000.100.84
Not active on this team37Alex FotinosG401100000.250.00
*29Mackenzie BlackwoodG4501102000.020.04
 31Daniel GiblG2700000000.000.00
* indicates Rookie
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  Thursday September 24
PBO 7:05
SAG 7:05
WSR 7:05
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