28Connor BrownRW63284169-11391511.100.62
*97Connor McDavidC63254166-2436211.050.57
 22J.P. LabardoC67243862-3136520.930.54
 40Luke CairnsC68122941-2943220.600.63
 27Adam PelechD5983240-1698510.681.66
 10Stephen HarperLW67182038-3824600.570.36
 23Connor CrispC63221436-31139810.572.21
 74Dane FoxC37191736-178100.972.11
 4Jimmy McDowellD67141933-4344800.490.66
 9Spencer Abraham (total) click to view the entire list for Spencer AbrahamD6771320-3210200.300.15
 14Joel Wigle (total) click to view the entire list for Joel WigleRW6631518-2350000.270.76
 7Jake EvansC5651116-2152010.290.93
 37Travis WoodD544913-1610000.240.19
*11Hayden HodgsonRW608412-2660000.201.00
 12Nick BetzRW444812-538000.270.86
 21Jack Kuzmyk (total) click to view the entire list for Jack KuzmykD651910-1625000.150.38
 57Troy DonnayD68178-3948000.120.71
*15Kyle PettitC67336-1021000.090.31
Not active on this team3Nathan GlassD29044-28000.140.28
*19Artem KuleshovD50044-1735000.080.70
 14Anthony CortellessaLW26123-512000.120.46
Not active on this team21Johnny McGuireRW40112-1268000.051.70
*5Justin FelkerD17022-40000.120.00
*3Darren RaddyshD24022-122000.080.08
*6Patrick MurphyD7011-20000.140.00
*31Devin WilliamsG3301102000.030.06
*1Daniel DekoningG300000000.000.00
*17Thomas LattavoRW7000+10000.000.00
 38Oscar DanskG4300000000.000.00
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Saturday October 25
BELV 1 5 LDN 3rd - 15:27
ERIE 7 1 SBY 3rd - 11:15
KIT 3 2 PLY 3rd - 11:05
OTT 3 0 SAR 3rd - 10:32
MISS 3 3 WSR 3rd - 15:22
PBO 2 3 SSM 3rd - 17:56
NB 2 1 BAR 2nd - 0:00
GUE 1 1 OS 2nd - 0:00
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