27Brett FindlayC68192746021300.680.31
 23Stephen PierogC67191635062020.520.93
 20Nick RitchieLW41181735-1050310.851.22
Not active on this team22Francis MenardC40151833-1830500.820.75
*18Jonatan TanusC67151833+534310.490.51
 25Michael Clarke (total) click to view the entire list for Michael ClarkeC62151732-2346500.520.74
 7Nick Czinder (total) click to view the entire list for Nick CzinderRW57131932-744600.560.77
*17Greg BetzoldLW6792332-1132100.480.48
 28Derek MathersRW64101929+1125100.451.95
Not active on this team29Slater KoekkoekD4062228-2628400.700.70
 5Steven TrojanovicD59101727-548400.460.81
Not active on this team26Alan QuineC2691726-1414301.000.54
 6Brandon Devlin (total) click to view the entire list for Brandon DevlinD6242125-269100.401.11
 21Stephen NosadRW6210919-196010.310.10
*10Eric CornelC6341216-213000.250.21
 22Nelson ArmstrongD254913+620100.520.80
 15Chase HatcherRW574913+641000.230.72
 4Clark SeymourD6231013-761000.210.98
 11Peter CeresnakD563912-1324200.210.43
Not active on this team14Zach LorentzLW225611-510100.500.45
*19Josh MaguireLW49178+130000.160.61
 8Steven VargaD51077-89000.140.18
 9Cody ThompsonLW27325+314000.190.52
Not active on this team16Trevor MurphyD23224-823000.171.00
Not active on this team7Luke HietkampRW15123-39000.200.60
 24Connor BolandD49123+834000.060.69
 9Andrew RiederRW5112-12000.400.40
*12Matt McCartneyC8112+12000.250.25
*35Michael GiugovazG32011010000.030.31
*14Tyson BakerLW200000000.000.00
 30Andrew D'AgostiniG4300002000.000.05
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Friday December 19
NIA 5 6 ERIE Final SO
PBO 3 1 KGN Final
OSH 5 2 NB Final
SAG 1 4 SAR Final
SSM 1 5 KIT Final
GUE 1 4 LDN Final
OTT 4 1 MISS Final
BAR 8 3 SBY Final
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