20Sean MonahanC58314778-18241511.340.41000/0
 19Joseph Blandisi (total) click to view the entire list for Joseph BlandisiRW63153651-4117110.811.86000/0
*26Dante SalituroC64142640-4456400.620.88000/0
Not active on this team83Cody CeciD42112940-1410700.950.24000/0
 8Ryan Van StralenLW61162339-2888900.641.44000/0
Not active on this team19Tyler GraovacC30211435-168521.170.27000/0
 25Brett GustavsenLW4682735-1045300.760.98000/0
 33Sergey Kuptsov (total) click to view the entire list for Sergey KuptsovLW61101828-2335200.460.57000/0
Not active on this team13Remy GiftopoulosLW42151227-1723600.640.55000/0
Not active on this team17Steven JanesLW36141327-1762500.751.72000/0
 36Taylor FieldingRW51131225-950110.490.98000/0
 27Brendan Bell (total) click to view the entire list for Brendan BellLW67111223-2074100.341.10000/0
 11Mike VlajkovD4961016-2526200.330.53000/0
Not active on this team27Jake CardwellD1731316-2020300.941.18000/0
*24Nevin GuyD662911-2312100.170.18000/0
 17Mark Petaccio (total) click to view the entire list for Mark PetaccioRW507310-1462000.201.24000/0
 22John Urbanic (total) click to view the entire list for John  UrbanicRW57448-2053000.140.93000/0
 4Sean CallaghanD65257-37104000.111.60000/0
*9Andrew Abou-AssalyLW66167-3215000.110.23000/0
*18Taylor DavisD43336-1024000.140.56000/0
*28Connor BrownLW68336-2859000.090.87000/0
*21Jacob Middleton (total) click to view the entire list for Jacob MiddletonD29145-1325000.170.86000/0
 23Daniel WalshLW45145-2553000.111.18000/0
*10Trevor DulongC12134-20000.330.00000/0
*3Jonathan DuchesneD52044-3065000.081.25000/0
*5Matthieu DesautelsD47022-2510000.040.21000/0
 10Richard MrazRW8101-22100.120.25000/0
 16Alex MorganLW3000-10000.000.00000/0
 22Doug Harvey (total) click to view the entire list for Doug HarveyLW7000-12000.000.29000/0
*39Kevin GroulxRW11000-40000.000.00000/0
Not active on this team31Keegan WilsonG1500000000.000.00000/0
*1Jacob BlairG3400000000.000.00000/0
 30Clint Windsor (total) click to view the entire list for Clint WindsorG3600002000.000.06000/0
* indicates Rookie
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  Tuesday February 9
NB 1 1 OTT 1st - 2:44
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