23Henri IkonenLW61222951+230510.840.49
 17Ryan KujawinskiC66173148-1240510.730.61
 22Darcy GreenawayC65242044-126500.680.40
 96Spencer WatsonRW63232043018400.680.29
 9Cody AlcockLW67202343-1036320.640.54
 93Sam BennettD60182240-287300.671.45
 10Billy JenkinsLW53201535-726310.660.49
 95Sam Povorozniouk (total) click to view the entire list for Sam PovoroznioukLW66122335-1555300.530.83
 4Michael MoffatD6242630-155100.480.89
 20Roland McKeownD6172229-2433300.480.54
 77Warren SteeleD6752328-949100.420.73
 5Mikko VainonenD5541822-1142210.400.76
 21Samuel Schutt (total) click to view the entire list for Samuel SchuttRW6611920-634100.300.52
 24Slater DoggettLW6031215-733000.250.55
*15Marc BecksteadLW536814-1033200.260.62
 7Ryan Hanes (total) click to view the entire list for Ryan HanesD6021012-1044100.200.73
 74Luke Hietkamp (total) click to view the entire list for Luke  HietkampRW525510-521000.190.40
Not active on this team12Trevor MorbeckRW15527-713200.470.87
 27Jean DupuyRW42437-1079100.171.88
*8Dylan DiPernaD46257-317000.150.37
 18Ryan HutchinsonD46066-7106000.132.30
Not active on this team61Mitchell FitzmorrisLW36224-1332000.110.89
 3Braydon BlightD22033+27000.140.32
 14Kyler NixonD8022-100000.250.00
Not active on this team11Nathan CullLW10101-616100.101.60
 29Colin FurlongG2001100000.050.00
 33Mike MorrisonG5601102000.020.04
 1Lucas PeressiniG100000000.000.00
*55Matt WatsonD800006000.000.75
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Sunday March 1
KIT 1 3 GUE Final
SBY 3 4 MISS Final
SAR 4 2 WSR Final
LDN 3 8 SSM Final
PBO 1 4 OSH 3rd - 20:00
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