12Charles SaraultC682286108+1628651.590.41
 14Reid BoucherLW68623395+13532111.400.78
*71Nikolay GoldobinRW68303868-7121301.000.18
 94Alex GalchenyukC33273461+1622711.850.67
 7Anthony DeAngeloD6294958-1360300.940.97
 52Alex BassoD57113344049410.770.86
 19Nickolas LattaC58171431-1751100.530.88
 18Bryan MooreRW64111930-145010.470.70
*21Daniel NikandrovC6171926-510200.430.16
 4Craig DuininckD6881119+127500.280.40
 55Connor MurphyD3361218+1432400.550.97
*5Tyler Hore (total) click to view the entire list for Tyler HoreD5711213-614100.230.25
*11Brett HargraveRW636511-1224000.170.38
Not active on this team16Craig HottotRW114711-821201.001.91
 74Alex Carnevale (total) click to view the entire list for Alex CarnevaleLW593710-1337000.170.63
*15Davis BrownLW52639-1622000.170.42
Not active on this team13Justice DundasLW30549-533000.301.10
 93Taki PantzirisD21246-210000.290.48
Not active on this team7Jack KuzmykD40134-917000.100.42
*17Alexandre RenaudLW63134-1722000.060.35
 2Joshua ChapmanD64134-1872000.061.12
*88Jordan AddesiLW64123-1039000.050.61
*3David NemecekD34022-1024000.060.71
 34JP AndersonG5302200000.040.00
 9Mike DipaoloD43101-564000.021.49
 36Brodie BarrickG801100000.120.00
 22Matteo CiccarelliC14011-72000.070.14
*23Zachary CoreD100000000.000.00
 1Knicholas DaweG1300000000.000.00
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Tuesday March 31
NB 3 1 KGN Final
LDN 10 6 KIT Final
GUE 2 1 OS Final
OSH 1 3 PBO Final
ERIE 4 3 SAR Final OT
SSM 4 0 SAG Final
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