17Joshua Leivo (total) click to view the entire list for Joshua LeivoLW63294473+2052511.160.83
 9Tobias RiederRW52272956+912821.080.23
 24Ryan Murphy D54103848+1434500.890.63
 73Matt PuempelLW51351247+5431500.920.84
 10Frank Corrado (total) click to view the entire list for Frank CorradoD6973845+1889300.651.29
*95Justin BaileyC57171936+2234100.630.60
 2Evan McEnenyD6562834+742100.520.65
 15Ben ThomsonLW67151732-3119110.481.78
 94Radek FaksaC3992231-126600.790.67
 16Brent PedersenLW67141630+1152500.450.78
 12Eric MingRW61111728+953010.460.87
 71Derek Schoenmakers (total) click to view the entire list for Derek  SchoenmakersRW53171027-369700.511.30
 91Matia MarcantuoniC6471825-334120.390.53
 19Josh SterkC5161622+1018000.430.35
 4Ben FanelliD6431821+2344010.330.69
 36Curtis MeighanC6651520+817000.300.26
*27Darby LlewellynLW407613+115000.330.38
 21Domenic AlbergaC605813-151100.220.85
Not active on this team7Nick CzinderRW31369-629300.290.94
 55Jared GilbertD53099-34000.170.08
 34Max IafrateD61358-1773100.131.20
Not active on this team3Cory GenoveseD37145+656000.141.51
 25Keli GrantRW11303+20000.270.00
*6Owen StewartD33213+22000.090.06
Not active on this team17Matt SchmalzC25101-38000.040.32
 31Joel Vienneau (total) click to view the entire list for Joel VienneauG5501100000.020.00
 18Brandon LeswayRW2000-10000.000.00
*28Kegan BlasbyRW300000000.000.00
*30Jack MoylanG300000000.000.00
 23Jesse YoungD6000+10000.000.00
*18Ty LearnLW8000-22000.000.25
Not active on this team5Ryan HanesD9000010000.001.11
Not active on this team32Franky PalazzeseG2000000000.000.00
 35John Gibson G2700004000.000.15
* indicates Rookie
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  Sunday May 24
QUE 4 5 OSH Final OT1
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