24Colin BehennaC67335588-42251321.310.37
*19Mark ScheifeleC66225375-22351311.140.53
 12Steven BeyersRW66234265-50181010.980.27
*25Eric Locke (total) click to view the entire list for Eric LockeC65262854-630530.830.46
Not active on this team27Taylor CarnevaleC33242044-21101211.330.30
 14Tanner PearsonLW66152742-1235400.640.53
*21Dylan SmoskowitzC67211031-1844500.460.66
Not active on this team25Darren ArchibaldLW24181230-821801.250.88
*23Petr BeranekRW54111526-1222300.480.41
 7Matt Ashman (total) click to view the entire list for Matt AshmanD6132326-2582200.431.34
 16John PaduloC6491322-4967000.341.05
Not active on this team5Dalton ProutD2371421-855400.912.39
Not active on this team4Stephen GaskinD4021416-3161100.401.52
 26Trent HawkeRW659615-2558000.230.89
*28Zach HallC388412-249300.320.24
*11Mackenzie BraidD595712-1453100.200.90
*6Brandon DevlinD643912-2678000.191.22
 9Norm EzekielD584711-14139000.192.40
 20Chris Buonomo (total) click to view the entire list for Chris BuonomoD551910-1582000.181.49
 10Jordan Coccimiglio (total) click to view the entire list for Jordan CoccimiglioC54549-1513000.170.24
 22Mitch BennettRW61279-14131000.152.15
*15Kyler NixonD45077-2612000.160.27
 4Alex Lepkowski (total) click to view the entire list for Alex LepkowskiD39066-375000.151.92
 3Tyler MortD56145-2241000.090.73
*18Aaron TaylorRW22112-1014000.090.64
 17Mitchell BurseyD30112-1236010.071.20
 10Taylor ClementsC5011-17000.201.40
 10Chris WigginD5011-17000.201.40
Not active on this team35Peter Di SalvoG2001100000.050.00
*18Erik BradfordC5000+19000.001.80
 35Josh Malecki (total) click to view the entire list for Josh MaleckiG800002000.000.25
*33John Chartrand (total) click to view the entire list for John  ChartrandG3200004000.000.12
*29Clint WindsorG3400004000.000.12
* indicates Rookie
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  Tuesday March 3
SAG 10:45
OS 7:00
SBY 7:00
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