9Luke PitherC67365894+39441811.400.66
 10Alex HutchingsRW68473481+44588111.190.85
 23Bryan CameronRW62532578+38681801.261.10
 14Nick Crawford (total) click to view the entire list for Nick CrawfordD68115970+5124711.030.35
 8Alexander BurmistrovC62224365+3249431.050.79
 27Taylor CarnevaleC67283159+3114630.880.21
 25Darren ArchibaldLW57263359+2562921.041.09
 13Kyle CliffordLW58282957+32111820.981.91
 22T.J. Brodie (total) click to view the entire list for T.J. BrodieD6574956+3358310.860.89
 19Stefan Della RovereLW57182341+19125500.722.19
 15Matt Kennedy (total) click to view the entire list for Matt KennedyRW43181634033830.790.77
 7Alex PietrangeloRD2592029+2027411.161.08
 17Zac Rinaldo (total) click to view the entire list for Zac RinaldoLW60101525+9255020.424.25
 24Colin BehennaC5571825+1914010.450.25
 5Dalton ProutD6371421+26121000.331.92
Not active on this team11Michael SgarbossaC1971320+614211.050.74
 16Matt StaniszD6301717+4551000.270.81
Not active on this team17Ryan StromeC345914+735200.411.03
 4Stephen GaskinD6511314+2858100.220.89
Not active on this team21Ryan O'ConnorD1921012+1117100.630.89
*26David MazurekC44369-143000.200.98
Not active on this team22Josh BrittainLW12358-229000.672.42
 3Chris WigginD55167+2957000.131.04
Not active on this team7Ryan GottschalkD24077+815000.290.62
Not active on this team15Simon GronvaldtD24066+1012000.250.50
 35Peter Di SalvoG5003306000.060.12
*28Zach HallC5112+20000.400.00
*12Mitch BennettRD25112026000.081.04
 1Mavric Parks (total) click to view the entire list for Mavric ParksG3301104000.030.12
*6Kirk ZdrilichRW1000-10000.000.00
 31Dalton McGrathG900000000.000.00
 Petteri SimilaG1100000000.000.00
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Saturday October 10
ERIE 7:00
SAG 7:05
SSM 7:07
BAR 7:30
FLNT 7:30
OS 7:30
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