89Patrick O'SullivanC57315990+16631561.581.110/0
 23Tom ZanoskiLW65203050+695800.771.460/0
 55Anthony ButeraRD60163248+766800.801.100/0
 22Kyle QuinceyD59153146+5111800.781.880/0
 38John Hecimovic (total) click to view the entire list for John HecimovicRW51261844+13117600.862.290/0
*14Michael SwiftC67151732+946410.480.690/0
 16Cody BassC66111728+5103720.421.560/0
 13Daniel Carcillo (total) click to view the entire list for Daniel CarcilloLW32101727+2115400.843.590/0
 6Justin Dacosta (total) click to view the entire list for Justin DacostaRD6942327+1554300.390.780/0
 74David Pszenyczny (total) click to view the entire list for David PszenycznyD661016260169300.392.560/0
*88Jordan OwensLW66111425+1745100.380.680/0
*9Dustin JeffreyC53101525+920320.470.380/0
 4Adam AbrahamD5951621+1625400.360.420/0
*10Vladimir SvacinaRW6151217+914000.280.230/0
*41Bradley SnetsingerLW548513+130000.240.560/0
*77Stefan LegeinRW49358+137000.160.760/0
*61Paul MarcheseRW63347-5139000.112.210/0
 95Brett ConnollyC25257-456100.282.240/0
*44Frankie SantiniD54167-122000.130.410/0
 36Craig Cescon (total) click to view the entire list for Craig CesconD56167-5129000.122.300/0
*97Luca CaputiLW48516+625100.120.520/0
Not active on this team95Chad PainchaudRW8336+211210.751.380/0
 24Brandon ElliottD22145+774000.233.360/0
Not active on this team21Ryan LeeD32123+430000.090.940/0
 95Jesse JenishLW5112+24000.400.800/0
Not active on this team18Scott ZimmermanLW5101+112000.202.400/0
*12Nathan HooperLW32011-221000.030.660/0
 29Michael OuzasG4401106000.020.140/0
*43Aaron BartonG200002000.001.000/0
*21Jeremy WhelanLW700006000.000.860/0
Not active on this team47Chris ChimientiD8000+48000.001.000/0
 57David ShantzG2700006000.000.220/0
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Thursday November 26
KIT 2 3 ERIE Final
SSM 1 4 NIA Final
HAM 1 7 NB Final
SAR 1 3 PBO 3rd - 2:22
OS 1 4 BAR 3rd - 8:22
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